Art for Thought

national constitution center
The consequence of True Liberty- S. Amenra

The ideal of Liberty is often expressed as the cornerstone of this country. However this ideal has never been fully allowed for blacks, without consequences.

Take Caution on the Road -S. Amenra

The YellowBrick road for Dorothy symbolized hope, security, and a way to find home. However for blacks this yellow (caution) road can symbolize danger, fear, and that you might not make it home.

betsy ross
Building on the Backs of Others -S. Amenra

George Washington is receiving the flag from Betsy Ross. No one talks about the work behind the scene in history done by slave women to allow these ‘Great Men’ to be just that.

Founding Masters
The Masters House S. Amenra

Founding Fathers (from left to right) Thomas Jefferson, John Claypoole(PA) John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, and George Washngton. All of these “Great Men” were slave owners, and one at least was know to rape his slaves; Jefferson.

Liberty and Justice is not for All- S. Amenra

Philadelphias’ Liberty Bell is internationally known as a symbol of liberty and Justice for all, but what does this Liberty and Justice look like for black people?

Black Sunrise.- S. Amenra

Black women have a complex and often negative history in this country, and the media. This is my attempt to acknowledge the beauty, warmth, and awe-inspiring awesomeness of black women by way of Dox Thrash.

Weep for Africa.- S. Amenra

Philadelphia bombed Delbert Africa(seen above) and the members of Move and devastated and entire community. Decades later this community still feels the fallout of what this City has done.

washington square
The cost of Freedom. -S. Amenra

The ideal of Freedom is what made America,and we are constantly reminded that many have died for the right to be free . But often these discussions exclude and deny the cost of this freedom on blacks. It also demonizes blacks who take these same ideals and apply them to their own people. (Photo Washington Square, Philadelphia)

You have some Explaining to Do.- S. Amenra

For many Frank Rizzo is a hero. For the rest of us he is the embodiment of racism in the government in Philadelphia. The photo was made to remind us that Philadelphia has a history of oppression, repression, and racism, and this history is connected to the here and now. I also wanted to give Rizzo the finger, something many wish they could have done…



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