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There are a multitude of programs and curricula across the state that attempt to teach the history of Blacks in Philadelphia. This site was created to be used as a resource for all: parents, educators, students and your everyday interested person. Our hope is to create something that allows people to access a more accurate and extensive base of information when it comes to the history of Black lives and communities in our city.

Click on the link below for an example of how NOT to teach a 5th grade Social Studies unit on Slavery. This unit:

  • Never Acknowledges that Slavery was Wrong
  • Over Simplifies Pre-Colonial W. Africa
  • Explains one Aspect of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Presents Slavery as a simple ‘Dilemma’ similar to a rainy day
  • Includes Class activities that are Culturally Insensitive

Chapter 8 Slavery

In our Lessons page you can access an alternate unit that addresses the same topic but avoids the many microaggressions put forth in this original unit.

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